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"Building relationships and creating real value for everyone involved, that’s Libertec Solutions."

pictureLibertec Solutions K.K. is a global company dedicated to providing leading edge IT infrastructure monitoring, job automation and system optimization solutions. Libertec’s management team has over 25 years of combined experience assisting with infrastructure related projects in Japan and the United States. Clients have included many of the major international financial firms.

SIM, the company’s “Smart Infrastructure Management” tool is used by financial firms to get a true eye on their infrastructure to work smart, thus reducing system ownership costs. Business Intelligence is used on the back end of SIM to allow an Infrastructure Manager to make smart decisions on their environment via real-time application, performance and security monitoring.

Libertec is also the exclusive distributor in Asia for the leading edge US based software company MVP Systems Software. MVP Systems Software is a global company founded in 1987.  MVP has always been a leader in the enterprise job scheduling and workload automation space. JAMS, the company’s flagship solution, has been driving IT Operations and data centers around the globe for more than 20 years.

Our Mission
Our mission is simple, but powerful.

  • To make our clients say ‘Wow!’
  • To create value and make a big difference.
  • To inspire our people to be the best they can, and enjoy the ride.

Our Values
Customer Value Centric:

We start from the premise that our products and solutions must create big value for our customers in order for us to be successful.

Best People: We believe in attracting, developing and retaining the best and brightest talent for our business. The ‘sky is the limit’ for our people. We will challenge our people and foster a ‘can-do’ attitude in a competitive but collaborative and mutually supportive environment.

Respect for the Individual: We value diversity and unique contributions. We trust and respect individual opinions. We encourage people to be the best they can be.

Leadership: The vision and courage to do the right things. No ‘paralysis analysis’.

Fun: We work in a fun and productive environment.

  • Give Back: We live within a community that supports us, and we commit to support
    it in meaningful ways.
  • Integrity: Trust and Respect are earned and cherished by all our people.
  • Passion & Quality: Our people are ‘self-motivated’ and passionate about their hi-quality work.

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